About Us

McClellan Park Neighborhood Association was created on Setember 22, 2004.  It encompasses the area bounded by Milwaukee Street on the North, Sprecher Road on the East, Cottage Grove Road (County BB) on the South, and Interstate Highway 90 on the West. 


The mission of the McClellan Park Neighborhood Association is to:

1. Represent the interests of the neighborhood before the Madison Common Council, the Dane County Board and all appropriate governmental agencies;

2. Create a cohesive community atmosphere and foster cooperation and social harmony among the various subdivisions on issues affecting the neighborhood;

3. Alert members to emerging neighborhood issues;

4. Disseminate information about the neighborhood to its members;

5. Promote community safety;

6. Protect and enhance the residential character of the area;

7. Promote interest and participation in neighborhood planning; and

8. Determine possible approaches or solutions to problems within the neighborhood.


MPNA is not affiliated with any homeowners or condo association, or any other associatoin or group.  MPNA is open to all residents, 18 and over, of the McClellan Park Neighborhood.  Please see the the MPNA By-laws for more information.


Board of Directors

Barbara Davis - President

Andrea Ruiz - Vice President

Bob Hogan - Treasurer

John Tuohy - Secretary

Brad Albrecht - Webmaster

Corey Finkelmeye r- Member

Kathryn Premo Mingione - Member



It is the intent of the Association to have at least one representative from each of the
following areas:
- Covered Bridge condominiums
- Covered Bridge family homes
- Birchwood Ridge condominiums
- Grandview Commons multi-units
- Grandview Commons family homes

- Grandview Commons North
- Rustic Acres/Jubilee (including Blooming Grove)


The Board meets monthly to discuss neighborhood related information including the status of current projects, ideas for future projects and concerns and ideas for the neighborhood.  The meetings are open to all MPNA members.  Typically, we meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  If you are interested in attending a meeting, please contact the board to confirm the date/time of the next meeting.